Ballistic success!

Date: 11th Feb 2019 Author: GSL

The District Air Rifle Challenge results are in and…great news…our #1 team came 2nd and our #2 team came 6th (out of 13 teams). This is an excellent result for us, so a HUGE WELL DONE to all the Scouts. Special mention to Oscar who had our highest individual score, (just beating Jessica by 1 point!) and to Vincent and Jessica who had our best grouping scores.

The Scouts have benefitted from the expert tuition by Ian (group QM) and Martin (Cub Assistant Leader) who have taken the time to gain the NSRA Instructors qualification so the Drop can make target shooting a regular activity.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls